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These further links provide access to school documentation, if you have any questions regarding any of these documents, please contact us.  These policies are subject to change without any notice.  Please click on links below to view and print documents. 

**NB Enrolment documents and infomation can be found on the Enrolments page of the website.

GGSS Child Protection Policy 

Child Risk Management

Code of Conduct Parents

Complaints Policy

Privacy Policy

WHS (Work Health & Safety) 

Enrolment Policy & Procedure

Disability Discrimination Policy

Student Bullying Policy

Staff Code of Conduct

Goora Gan Steiner School Annual Report 2019

MYGOV Whistleblower Policy 2019

Behaviour Management Framework

Completed Enrolment Forms and documents can be scanned as 1 PDF document and emailed to:

From 8.30am to 2.30pm

Term 1 – 10 weeks

Wednesday 27th January – Thursday 1st April 

Term 2 – 9 weeks

Tuesday 20th April – Friday 18th June

Term 3 – 10 weeks

Tuesday 13th July – Friday 17th September

Term 4 – 9 weeks

Wednesday 6th October – Friday 3rd December