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Goora Gan is a fully accredited Primary School for Prep-Class 6 (students aged six-twelve years).   

From 2021, having attained the full school model of P-6, Goora Gan Steiner School will be in the process of its next strategic planning objective, which is to build a purpose built, permanent school site.

Prep-Class 6 will be offered at Goora Gan, with a maximum of 63 students across the school in the following class structure:

  • Prep

  • Class 1/2  

  • Class 3/4 

  • Class 5/6 

Adopting a multi-age model and working with the strengths of various ages of students working together and learning from each other, whole school activities are a daily feature at Goora Gan Steiner.  Classes are often integrated for activities such as sports, crafts, excursions, cooking, LOTE and gardening.


Enrolment Process

Places are limited in each grade and waiting lists currently apply to all grades.  If you are considering Steiner education for you child, a School Tour is required.  Please contact the office to make an appointment time via email

All prospective parents are encouraged to read both the Parent Handbook, Fees Schedule & Policy, Enrolment Policy & Procedure (which details important information about the order of priorities).


In order to proceed with your application, an Enrolment Application Form needs to be completed, and returned to the school and an Enrolment Application Fee of $110 paid as per the application form.


As you progress on the waitlist, an Enrolment Interview will be scheduled, a Child Biography Questionnaire needs to be completed prior to the interview. The purpose of the enrolment interview is to discuss the School's philosophy, the child's needs, and answer any questions parents may have about the school or Steiner Education.


Once the school is satisfied that an appropriate placement can be offered, an Enrolment Acceptance Fee of $200 per child becomes due, and an Enrolment Package, including an Enrolment Contract, is issued to the family.

All forms in the Enrolment Pack need to be completed and returned together with an Enrolment Fee prior to the application being finalised.

"Receive the child in reverence, educate them in love, let them go in freedom."
Rudolf Steiner

Completed Enrolment Forms can be scanned as 1 PDF document and emailed


From 8.30am to 2.30pm

School Term Dates 2024

Term 1 – 9 weeks       Tues 30 Jan – Thur 28 Mar

Term 2 – 9 weeks       Tues 16 Apr – Fri 14 Jun

Term 3 – 10 weeks     Mon 8 Jul – Fri 13 Sep

Term 4 – 10 weeks     Tues 1 Oct – Fri 6 Dec

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